Plan, or: Unsolicited Offers of Assistance in Engagement in Exchange for Weaponry

from Interim in Terra by Nivi



the stronghold that we thought was inescapable
has proven of itself that that's not so
and if one man can escape from atop the tower
then surely we can take what's down below


we want to end the war; that's our priority
we want to go back home a little, too
so we've been wandering the desert, plotting hopelessly
we have ambition but we cannot follow through

but when we were at our lowest, giving up and lying down
we hear your footsteps in the distance and we smile
because we're hoping you're the answer we've been waiting for
and we are hoping you will go the extra mile

for miles and miles around it there is nothing to be seen
there's just the ruins of the cities of the past
but we can take it, turn it, use it for the good of those remaining
and bring the slaughter to its epilogue at last


eleven, here's the plan, here's what we'll do
we'll take it all and bring it back to you
and all we ask of you is a bomb or two
and we'll be on our way
what do you say?


together we will grind them into dust
together we will strike so hard
they will not know what hit them

together we will grind them into dust
and they will not know
they will not know what
they will not know
they will not know


from Interim in Terra, released December 21, 2014



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