Home, or: The Volunteers Consider Their Imminent Departure from Earth and a Future in an Impossibly Unfamiliar World

from by Nivi



i'm leaving home
and there's no way that i am ever coming back
i'm leaving home
and there is nothing left to pack

i'm leaving home
i'm leaving everything familiar behind
i don't know what i will find

terra keeps on turning
but we can not survive
for we have not been earning
our right to stay alive

so in lieu of immortality
we burst into the sky
and free from terra's gravity
we fly

i'm leaving home
there's nothing left for me beneath this sky
i'm leaving home
and i can't wait to say goodbye

i'm leaving home
because the more we're pushed together
the more we push away
and i can't bear it
i can't stay

fauna unpredictable
and flora so bizarre
that our feeble terran minds can not relate

but understanding is no requisite
for coming as we are
we know that everything must bow before the great

pursuing our redundancy
and hoping for abundance
even advocates would say we're optimistic

but migrants of the past
whom we are hoping to outlast
only survived because they weren't so fatalistic

today marks the beginning of humanity's greatest endeavour
five thousand people will achieve an independence of a sort that has not been seen for millennia
those five thousand brave souls who dare venture from their homes represent a safeguard
a safeguard against humanity's greatest vulnerability
life on terra as we know it could end tomorrow
but there would still be hope
soon, we will breathe easy knowing that our lineage will carry on
out there
among the stars

we're going home
together we will make a brand new start
we're going home
and it is tearing us apart

we're going home
pyrrha's spoils are ours for the taking
and we will
every valley, every hill


from Alter Locus, released October 3, 2011
Female vocals by Anne Dawson.

Speech script and performance by Bradley Williams (Graywilde).

Translations written and performed by:
Anne Dawson - French
Brandon Huisman (Solidus) - Dutch
Dan Pearson (Hentropy) - Japanese

Thanks to Matt Cullane for help writing the lyrics.



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