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Go, or: XI's Remedy to His Own Unwillingness to Attend to the Needs of His People

from Interim in Terra by Nivi



the energy you're wasting with your bickering
would be better spent against our common foe
but most of you are clearly not cut out for that
and the rest of you will march to let them know

a few of you are willing to murder for your cause
but i'm not interested in watching you destroy yourselves
so i'll just go


i have advisors who advise me about problems
and i hear about them every single day
we've got a terrorist, a war and people banging at our door
some saying say 'use them'
some saying 'throw them all away'

but when it's time to solve these problems
i can't bring myself to care
so i distract myself with something
i pretend that they're not there
and they go


but tomorrow and tomorrow and the next day and the next
they will remain
and every moment i pretend that we're not moments from the end
i spend in vain


i won't pretend i ever cared for this place anyway
my apathy will never be outdone
i won't defend as if the king, i will not sacrifice a thing
i will not hesitate
i will not hesitate to run

but indifference is more harmful than a leader who you fear
i'm not malevolent, for sure, and i would
rather be anywhere than here


so for now, let's all pretend this is democracy
i'll step down on my own
because my thoughts are intersecting with your voices
at a single point alone


i have no reason not to wish you all the best

because as certain as i am that as a people you'd be damned
there must be one of you
who could guide the rest to greatness
when i go


the legacy is over; my inheritance is lost
and i am free
and i will wander unaccosted in the desert
being who i want to be


xi, this is not what you were born for
so walk away
so walk away

xi, this is not what you were born for
that's what they say
that's what they say
and i read you loud and clear
i'll walk away


from Interim in Terra, released December 21, 2014



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