Fewer, or: A Heated Discussion Concerning Issues Relevant to the Short- and Long​-​Term Survival of the Remaining Thirty

from by Nivi



tell them what we're waiting for
they have to know

tell them why we haven't done a thing
but sit and wait
while they're itching to go

there are things we have to do here
if we want this thing to thrive
if we want to see tomorrow
if we want to stay alive
but your total nonacceptance
means that we will not survive

decimation sucks
but decimation's not as bad as what's in store
we cannot win this war

'cause we are sitting ducks
and while we fight amongst ourselves those creatures watch
and wonder what we're for

nobody's coming to our aid
'cause no-one knows
your futile hope that you must quash
before it grows
no ship will come
there is no knight in shining armour on his way
we are alone
and we are fewer
we are fewer
we are fewer every day

what have we done to any end since we arrived

don't you see what i'm getting at

'they're just like us', you say
and i agree
they're just as capable of hate
as you and me
and given what we've done to them
it's hate that i foresee

decimation sucks
but if we don't act now, they'll make it so much more
we have to win this war

we are sitting ducks
but we can pull ourselves together and ignite
we'll bring this too their door

it is a cruel twist of fate that you're in charge
and as you fumble your command becomes mirage
we're letting go
you still have chances to redeem your lost authority
but we are losing faith and they are fewer
they are fewer
every day


from Alter Locus, released October 3, 2011



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